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This is a compilation of all the web pages and phone numbers that we have mentioned throughout this site.

Websites to visit:

Veterans' Widows International Network -

Vietnam Veterans of America -

Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America -

Vietnam Women's Memorial Foundation -  

Department of Veterans Affairs -

American Cancer Society  -

Neuropathy Association -

Lymphoma Research Foundation -

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society -

MMRF-Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation :

ADA -American Diabetes Association - Type 2 Diabetes -

Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington D.C.,  The In-Memory Memorial Plaque Project -

The Virtual Wall -

The Retired Officers Association (TROA) - This site contains important information and related links for survivors.

Grief Denied: A Vietnam Widow's Story, by Pauline Laurent, a VWIN member.  The first widow's book to come out of the Vietnam war, Grief Denied  tells the riveting story of how the author came out from under the suffocating weight of her own silence to find personal expression, a sense of liberation, and a renewal of faith.

Survivors, Iona House Community Center - 4200 Butterworth Place, NW, Washington, DC 20016
Urges public awareness and participation in all matters of concern to widows with younger children including action to influence federal legislation.

The Gold Star Wives of America, Inc. Membership in this federally chartered organization is open to women whose husbands died in military service from service-connected disabilities. For more information, contact them at 2900 P Street, Washington DC 20020-3625  /  (202) 584-3503.

The American Gold Star Mothers -  

The Legacy of Agent Orange (Video)

Agent Orange - The Last Battle - A documentary film on DVD by Adam Scholl and Stephanie Jobe

Other information:

Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) -

Agent Orange Claims Office

National Veterans Legal Services Program -

Veterans Administration Office

Department of Veterans Affairs, Environmental Agents Service (get on the mailing list for updated Agent Orange Review Brochures) 1-202-273-8580 -

VA Medical Center Agent Orange/Persian Gulf Registry - Long Beach, Calif. - 1-800-826-8000 or
for nearest office -

Spina Bifida Program of the VA Health Administration - 1-888-820-1756

National Veterans Foundation - Formerly known as Vietnam Veterans Aid Foundation - 1-888-777-4443