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The Story of Christopher

In an e-mail dated Thursday, January 29, 2000 from Genevieve Douglass

Last Thursday our new veteran friend, Christopher, died. Ron and I were there in the late afternoon for a couple of hours. I was helping Michelle fill out some VA paperwork to mail for them. Ron served as a chaplain in an awesome way. He anointed Chris with oil and prayed with the family and nurses around Chris' bed. Chris died two hours after we left. Then, on Monday, we returned as support and we found out that the priest from the local parish never showed up for the family and Chris' parents told Michelle to tell Ron, "Thank you so much from the bottom of their hearts," for being there for their son and the family. I asked about the memorial plans and if there was any veteran organization helping with the services the next day, Michelle said, "No".

So, quickly I pulled out my resource list and called for a memorial team for a military flag folding ceremony with "Taps" played for Chris. It was 3pm on Monday and we needed them to show up the next day for a 9:30AM service in Huntington Beach. There were no guarantees and we didn't hear of any confirmation until Tuesday at 9:30AM at the church. God provided exactly what we asked for with a special military ceremony performed by the very gracious man we talked to the day before. He came himself, about an 80 year old man, with another serviceman to assist him. I spoke also at the service because no one else would have spoken about his military service and the metals he earned in Vietnam. I had is DD-214 and represented AOWAC honoring Chris' military service to his country in Vietnam.