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Please check back for more information on each of the following cancers:

Conditions recognized as service-connected for Vietnam Veterans (plus veterans who served in Korea in 68-69) based on exposure to Agent Orange and other related herbicides:
  1.  Chloracne
  2.  Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
  3.  Soft Tissue Sarcoma
  4.  Hodgkin's Disease
  5.  Porphyria cutanea tarda
  6.  Multiple Myeloma
  7.  Respiratory and Oral Cancers (including cancers of the lung, larynx, trachea, and
  Prostrate Cancer
  9.  Peripheral neuropathy (acute or subacute)
10.  Diabetes Type II

11.  AL Amyloidosis
12. *All Chronic B-Cell Leukemias, including Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia - CLL
13. * Ischemic Heart Disease
14. * Parkinson's Disease

* refers to 3/25/10 publication by VA proposing regulations to establish these diseases as associated  with Agent Orange exposure. Legislation and funding to follow.  Check VA website

Conditions recognized in Children of Vietnam Veterans:

Spina Bifida
- The Spina Bifida Program of the VA Health Administration - 1-888-820-1756

VA Benefits Legislation Approved for Diseases & Health Conditions for Children of Women Vietnam Veterans
Other Birth Defects in Post-War Children of Women Vietnam Veterans - Disabilities other than spinal bifida in the children of women Vietnam veterans;  Covered birth defects include a wide range of conditions.  Eighteen (18) defects are specifically included and others not specifically excluded are covered.  Call
1-800-827-1000 or visit and

Agent Orange Reviews - research and publications by the VA
Click into Agent Orange Review on left side of their web page -

American Cancer Society

  (800) 227-2345

  Neuropathy Association
Lymphoma Research Foundation
  8800 Venice Blvd., Ste. #207
  Los Angeles, CA 90034
  (800) 500-9976
New Zealand Dermatology Network
American Prophyria Foundation

  P O Box 22712
  Houston, TX 77227
  (713) 226-9617
Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation


  51 Locust Avenue, Suite 201
  New Canaan, CT 06840
  (203) 972-1250
American Diabetes Association   1701 North Beauregard Street
  Alexandria, VA 22311

  (800) DIABETES - (1-800-342-2383)
Spina Bifida Association of America
  4590 MacArthur Blvd. NW Ste 25
  Washington, DC 20007
  (800) 621-3141
Birth Defect Research for Children
Betty Mekdeci
930 Woodcock Rd, Ste #225
  Orlando, FL 32803
  (407) 245-7035 or (407) 895-0802